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Magento Association Announces Board Directors

Magento Association Announces Board Directors 1

Magento Association Announces Board Directors

Joshua Warren, Creatuity CEO and Founder, Elected Board Director Following Selective Interview Process

The newly formed Magento Association, a nonprofit aiming to encourage advancement, improvement, and innovation in the community, announced their inaugural Board of Directors earlier this month. The board, which was meticulously selected by the Magento Task Force, includes names that are no strangers to the Magento community.

The board consists of Rebecca Brocton, Juan Ignacio De Paula, Hilda Fontana, Guido Jansen, Vlacheslav Kravchuk, Danny Verkade, Joshua Warren, Ben Marks, and Kuba Zwoliinski. The decision was selective, with over a hundred qualified applicants. The board collectively represents six countries and nine agencies, along with a diverse range of personalities and skill sets that will help them effectively serve the global Magento community.

The Magento Association exists to “advance and empower its global community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership,” according to Magento. Having a seat on the board means supporting the advancement and continual progress of the Magento ecosystem; Board Directors will be responsible for managing and overseeing community programming for the member and volunteer led nonprofit organization.

Before the final selection, Magento expressed that ideal candidates for the Board of Directors would exemplify the following criteria:

  • Maintain a strong commitment to the mission of the Association
  • Embrace the culture of the Association and of the community as a whole
  • Understand the long-term vision of the community and the Association
  • Be trusted by the community and other board members
  • Accept all opinions, backgrounds, and traditions
  • Motivate volunteers and community members
  • Have a strong record of participation within the Magento community

The Magento Task Force, who selected the final Board of Directors, focused on applicants who displayed the passion and ability to empower the Magento ecosystem in good faith. The Board Directors were selected for “their strong record of participation, vision and their commitment to the Magento community” (Magento, An Adobe Company). Diversity, also played an important role in the selection to ensure the board accurately represented the Magento community and the ecommerce industry effectively. Magento specifically encouraged “individuals spanning a variety of vocations, professional experiences, and geographical locations” to apply for the first-ever inaugural board.

The nine, freshly elected board members are expected to serve two to three year terms, spend a minimum of eight to ten hours a month serving the community, and travel twice a year in spans of two to four days at a time. No two employees of the same organization were permitted to serve on the board concurrently.

More information in regards to the Magento Association, the Magento Association’s Task Force, and the Magento Association’s inaugural Board of Directors can be found at magentoassociation.org.

A Brief History of Creatuity

Founded by Magento Master Joshua Warren in 2008, Creatuity is a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner headquartered in Richardson, Texas. As an international agency with offices in the U.S. and Europe, Creatuity has earned some of the most prestigious honors in the eCommerce technology industry. With almost thirty M2 Certified team members, Creatuity currently holds the most certifications of any Magento Enterprise partner in the world. As a global ecommerce agency, we specialize in Magento Commerce Cloud implementation, Magento Order Management integration and Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations. As an agency, we’ve been the driving force behind several award-winning innovations like our omnichannel-aware, AI powered Chatbot and our contributions to the core code of Magento’s Instant Purchase functionality. For inquiries, contact one of our team members at (214) 810-5005 or contact@creatuity.com.

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