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Magento Business Intelligence 1Magento Business Intelligence has a simple dashboard that makes it easy for merchants to monitor business health. The dashboard includes data such as Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention rates, etc. Unleash the true power of your data with the complete business intelligence capabilities below.

Store Your Data in Once Place

  • Connects to other systems easily
  • Automated data replication technology 
  • Central cloud-based warehouse 
  • Consolidated data

Analyzation Made Easy

  • Turn your data into charts and tables
  • Customize and standardize business metrics
  • Use report builder to build analyses
  • Query your data warehouse for specific results
  • Export data reports

Visualization to Simplify Data

  • Make your data visual
  • Access pre-built reports 
  • Stay organized with unlimited dashboards
  • Various user permission levels
  • Send analysis right to people’s inbox 
  • Schedule messages 

To see and example of our work with Magento Business Intelligence, click here.

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