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Magento Cloud Edition Announcement and Technical Details

Magento Cloud Edition Announcement and Technical Details

This morning at Magento Imagine, Magento has announced a new platform as a service – Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. I’m going to be live blogging the technical session with additional technical details about the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. I’ll followup in the next day or two with a more polished post outlining the advantages for merchants.

Magento Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services. Robust platform as a service built on platform.sh. It’s a modern git-driven architecture, and creates a full stack environment for you from every git branch. It follows devops best practices – i.e., all configuration is stored in source control.

Testing, acceptance, staging and production all take place in the Magento Enterprise Cloud edition. It allows you to have acceptance testing environments for every single Git branch, making it easier for stakeholders to view and approve specific features at any time.

Magento Cloud has environment-specific permissions, so you can control who can interact with specific branches or specific environments.

It includes both a GUI and a command-line interface, allowing you to script Magento Cloud Edition commands.

You define services such as type of PHP, databases you need, etc., via a simple YAML configuration file.

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Magento Cloud is triple redundant, running in 3 different Amazon AWS data centers.

The core focus of Magento Cloud is to empower Magento developers and the Magento community to build innovative features – to be able to focus on building great Magento features, not on managing servers.

Magento Cloud Edition is based on the Magento Enterprise Edition 2 source code. It’s the normal Magento 2 EE codebase, and you have complete access to it. It’s a single tenant deployment – not a SAAS. There’s no limitations on customizability, and it works with Magento 2 extensions just like a regular installation of Magento 2.

Magento Cloud Edition also has New Relic and Blackfire.io pre-integrated into it.

The New Relic APM-Pro tool is included in the subscription to Magento Cloud Edition – use it at no additional cost. New Relic Insights is included as a free trial.

Magento Cloud Edition also includes Fastly, which is a Varnish-based CDN that allows for a custom VCL, enables edge-side logic and provides DDoS protection. It’s included in the Magento Cloud Edition subscription fee.

Magento Cloud Edition subscription includes basically everything you need for hosting, performance and monitoring all in one predictable, regular bill to aid in budgeting.