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Magento Commerce 1Magento Commerce features are made with consumer satisfaction in mind. It allows merchants to have complete control over their customer experience, further personalize content and site structure, and deliver the smoothest path to purchase possible. Magento Commerce features Page Builder functionality, which utilizes a simple drag and drop capability.

Features and Benefits

  • Page Builder: The new Page Builder is a powerful drag and drop editing tool for site content, that allows merchants to easily create the best shopping experience for their customers with no limits on their creativity.
  • Customer Segmentation and Personalization: Merchants can create personalized shopping experiences for different customer segments, based on location, gender, order history, wish list items, product views, and more. 
  • Content Staging and Preview: Enable your business teams to easily preview and schedule content changes. Preview all changes to guarantee the best possible shopping experience. Schedule updates to deploy at certain times for greater efficiency.
  • Instant Purchase: This tool, which our team helped develop, allows returning shoppers to checkout instantly, boosting your store’s conversion rates. Customers can store their payment and shipping information to skip checkout steps, making the process faster and easier, especially for mobile shoppers.
  • Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations: Set automated product-based rules to up-sell, cross-sell, and/or offer related products to certain customer segments. Adding rules results in increased sales and average order values.
  • Elasticsearch: Integrate elasticsearch technology for scalability and flexibility when handling large catalogs. Elasticsearch provides suggestions for customer misspellings  and related products through synonym management to increase product relevancy for shoppers.
  • Powerful Admin Experience: The modern admin interface allows merchants to easily monitor their business with quick access to sales, orders, search terms and best-selling product data even from mobile and tablet devices on the go.
  • B2B Module: Magento Commerce allows you to set up custom pricing, Net terms, unique catalogs and much more for your B2B shoppers.

There are many more core features in Magento Commerce including but not limited to: Promotions, pricing, SEO, content and catalog management, checkout, payments, business intelligence, shipping, inventory, order management, customer service, security, performance, and cloud deployment.

“Year-on-year our transactions are growing by 20 percent online,” said Logan Dunn from ClearBags, about the company’s growth on Magento Commerce. “Traffic is up, and we have an insane conversion rate of roughly 6.5 percent.”

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