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Magento Enterprise Edition Release

Magento Enterprise Edition Release

Magento version releases are oftentimes overlooked because merchants may think the update won’t really affect their store but just like any other updates, it’s quite important to be up-to-date. Would you wait more than a day to apply the latest iOS update? I don’t think so; this is the same case with any technological update that is released.

Of course with most new versions of anything, there are small tweaks that may not make a huge difference, but a lot of times there are major changes that are crucial. In the latest version of Magento Enterprise Edition,, there is a pretty major update about the USPS API along with a few other improvements and patches.


On May 31, 2015 USPS made changes to their API that impacted international shipping rate requests to and from Canada. This resulted in inaccurate shipping rates showing or no shipping options shown at all. This USPS patch was released on June 18 to ensure that Canadian international shipping rates and returns were correct and that customers could see these options. WebShopApps, a fellow Magento partner, provides more information about what is changing and what you should do in regards to the USPS API update.

General Improvements and Fixes:

  • Addressed performance issue related to Google Tag Manager.
  • Addressed performance issues related to logging module.
  • Fixed an issue that caused content from a block saved in the HTML output cache to be loaded into a CMS static block.
  • SUPEE-6482 Security Patch Bundle

It will always be important to install the latest version and patches for Magento. Hopefully you are on the mailing list to receive information about their updates but if not, you can sign up for the Security Alert Registry to receive direct notifications from the Magento security team.

This is just the gist of what the latest version of Magento Enterprise encompasses, so to find out more details and information about it, you can refer to the Magento Enterprise Edition Release Notes.