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New Magento Feature: Allow Shoppers to Login with their PayPal Commerce Identity  1

New Magento Feature: Allow Shoppers to Login with their PayPal Commerce Identity

At this week’s X.commerce Innovate event, eBay is expected to announce a new product called Commerce Identity. This product, which was first reported by AuctionBytes yesterday, is tied to a user’s PayPal account and works much like a Login with Facebook or Login with OpenID button, allowing shoppers to login to your site using an existing account so they don’t have to create a new account.

However, Commerce Identity goes beyond a simple login shortcut, and ties a complete “shopping profile” to their account – this profile will include such data as the user’s purchase history, preferences, and attributes such as shoe size, for example.

eBay has announced that this functionality will be supported on Magento sites – this is a ground-breaking feature that we urge all of our Magento clients to implement, as it will allow you to customize the user’s experience based on the attributes in their shopping profile – you could, for example, feature only those products that fit the user or that match the user’s previous purchases not only on your site but on every site they’ve used their Commerce Identity on.

Creatuity is available to help you implement the Commerce Identity on your Magento site; please feel free to email us at contact@creatuity.com, call our offices at 214-810-5005 or fill out our Magento quote form and we’d be more than happy to discuss implementing logging in with Commerce Identity on your Magento website!

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