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PWAs: The Go-To Omnichannel Solution of 2020

PWAs: The Go-To Omnichannel Solution of 2020 1

PWAs: The Go-To Omnichannel Solution of 2020

What is a PWA?
Progressive web applications, or PWAs for short, are an omnichannel solution expected to be the new norm in the e-commerce industry by the end of this year, with Gartner predicting they will replace 50 percent of general purpose websites. Progressive web applications allow merchants to present their products and information in a consistent and engaging format whether the user is browsing on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The technology combines the best features of applications and native websites by behaving like an application, while living on the web. 

PWAs eliminate the need to download an application from the app store since they already have the look and feel of a native app, but users still have the option to add the site to their home screen and enable push notifications. Additionally, progressive web apps are nimble, providing near instantaneous scrolling and clicking even in unstable network conditions; thus giving no time for consumers to consider abandoning their mobile shopping spree due to frustrations with slow, glitchy sites. Combined, all of these factors make PWAs a perfect Magento omnichannel solution for merchants looking to boost conversion rates across all platforms. 

Quick PWA Statistics 

  • 68% increase in mobile traffic
  • Device storage use reduced by 25%
  • 52% average conversion increase
  • 78% average session increase
  • 137% increase in engagement
  • 42.86% lower bounce rate when compared to mobile sites
  • 133.67% increase in page views

PWA Results

  • Creatuity client Rural King saw a 400% improved performance 
  • Best Western River North saw a 300% increase in revenue 
  • OpenSooq received over 85% of their traffic from mobile devices 
  • The Grand Velas Riviera Maya resort had a conversion rate of 53%
  • Trivago reached 150% growth in users engagement and 97% boost in click outs 
  • Treebo had a 400% increase in conversion rates
  • Petlove had a 280% increase in conversion rates 

Key Reasons to Use PWA as a Magento Omnichannel Solution

  1. Seamless omnichannel experience
    PWAs are the best Magento omnichannel solution, because they provide a seamless experience, behaving and looking the same across all platforms. Whether your customer is searching on their desktop or on their mobile device, the products are always presented the same way, simplifying the shopping journey.
  2. Works in unstable network conditions
    PWA technology uses a cache system to provide faster loading times and nimble browsing, even when network conditions are unstable. This prevents unnecessary reloading and compromised shopping experiences, since the site information is cached and therefore does not need a stable internet connection to function properly. Users can even make purchases and submit orders offline – the PWA will simply complete the order when it comes back online. This is a major selling point of PWAs considering 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  3. Functions like an app
    Progressive web applications provide an engaging user experience by using application-like functionality, without the need for users to download an actual mobile app from the app store, saving users time and data.
  4. Constant engagement
    Customers can choose to add the site to their home screen and enable push notifications, allowing merchants to consistently engage and re-engage potential buyers. Studies show nearly 60% of users allow PWAs to send them notifications, which are displayed on their mobile device screens and have a high probability of attracting users’ attention. 

Creatuity’s PWA Project With Rural King
Our team of experts created the first PWA Studio project for Magento, showcasing a large 100+ store retailer with a complex Magento Commerce Cloud site. Our Magento PWA development improved Rural King’s performance by over 400% compared to their previous Magento 2 site.

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