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The Magento with SAP Business One integration solution

The Magento with SAP Business One integration solution 1

The Magento with SAP Business One integration solution

What is SAP Business One?
SAP Business One is an integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) and business management software designed for small and medium sized businesses. It includes an automated solution for accounting, sales, inventory, operations, CRM, analytics and more to help businesses run smoother. When you choose a Magento SAP Business One integration, you allow your data to seamlessly transfer between the two in order to simplify business processes.

For example, as orders come through your Magento store, the SAP tracks them in the accounting system and inventory is managed accordingly. Shipping and tracking information can also be integrated to eliminate the need for manual data entry, thus increasing the efficiency of your store’s order processing.

How Can a Magento SAP Business One Integration Help You?

1.  Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory
The SAP ERP will reflect your store’s e-commerce sales in real time so you can effectively plan your supply chain, thus reducing the time it takes to replenish inventory. 

2. Process Orders Quickly
Web orders are automatically sent to the ERP from your store, allowing for smoother and faster order fulfillment, and improved order-processing efficiency. Orders will also update in real time as shipment and delivery information are synced back to the e-commerce site. Customers are quickly provided with shipment tracking numbers so they can stay up to date with their purchase during its delivery.

3. Automate Financial Entry
Invoice sync allows for the automation of invoices and payment information into SAP Business One from your Magento site. The sales transactions are accurately recorded almost immediately, giving you access to a complete financial overview of your small business. 

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction
Integrating SAP Business One with Magento makes excellent customer service more achievable. Customer information is saved in the ERP automatically and orders are updated quickly so customers never have to worry about the status of their purchase. 

5. Avoid ‘Out of Stock’
Stock updates in real time as the inventory changes in your e-commerce store, eliminating difficult ‘out of stock’ scenarios that can leave customers frustrated.

6. Track Guest Checkouts
The ERP tracks guest customers and their order information, allowing merchants to specifically target guests during marketing campaigns. This feature can help turn guest customers into loyal, returning buyers.

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