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The exciting release of Magento CE 1.8 – Is it time for your next Magento Upgrade?

The exciting release of Magento CE 1.8 - Is it time for your next Magento Upgrade? 1

The exciting release of Magento CE 1.8 – Is it time for your next Magento Upgrade?

Creatuity is excited about the New Magento Community Edition 1.8 release, and encouraging all existing store owners to upgrade now.

Are you not exactly sure what has changed or what to expect in this Magento upgrade? Well let Creatuity inform you of all the changes that Magento has made in their most recent release. We are excited about the new release and encourage all Magento store owners to upgrade now!

So what is new? This is definitely a Magento upgrade that is packed with new features. A few of Magento 1.8’s highlights are that they corrected the errors in rounding in terms of taxing so that it does not confuse buyers, the cache adapters were modified to be effective  for single server users systems, and they upgraded Redis cache adapters with Magento so it is easier to link keywords to do what you want on Magento. Magento even stopped many of the deadlocks in the database so the person using Magento does not have to wait for one action to finish before another one can start. All of these new updates allows Magento to run more accurately and efficiently.

 Magento’s has also improved their performance in regards to the checkout process as well. They have simplified things more and decreased irrelevant steps. Magento has eliminated unnecessary RSS(Rich Site Summary) cache clean up when RSS is turned off. The RSS Cache remembers sites that you view frequently and keeps all of them in the system so it becomes easier to go to your favorite site on your computer and now. Magento is filtering the clean up system so it does not delete important caches. Magento,additionally,makes localizing things more efficient. Magento 1.8 checks to see if the customer’s locale is the same as the store’s locale before it goes through the process of trying to find another email to send new order confirmation forms. The overall process improved because now they are only loading the process information for the current check out step only and not all of them at the same time.

 One of the biggest changes are the security enhancements  that Magento has implemented against hackers. Errors are not shown on the installation. They also fixed the risk of having the website hacked when new users register so attackers can no longer rely on the fact that it is a new registration anymore. In order to protect new users, Magento has put up Cross Site Request Forgery so people can not impersonate new users. Magento also limits the privileges to uninstalling magento that way no user can come in and change things without authorization. Magento has also worked with OAuth to prevent attackers from getting information about the consumers key or token and resolved the issues of attackers getting billing information. Magento has also focused on making passwords more cryptic and Magento does not allow web browsers to store usernames and passwords.

 Magento 1.8 tailors to the new user but also benefits people who have been using it forever.It focuses on security more to ensure that the website is not being infiltrated by hackers. It has become more efficient and focuses on details that are small but have a huge impact on workflow and accounting. It is strongly encouraged to update that way you will be able to gain from all the new security procedures and the have your website become more profitable.

Want to upgrade now? Let our Magento Certified Developers safely perform your Magento upgrade in a development environment, allowing you to fully test prior to rolling out the changes to your live site.  Call us today at 214-810-5005 or email contact@creatuity.com – Magento upgrades are performed on an hourly basis and can be very affordable for many sites.  Plus the new features and security enhancements make this Magento upgrade well worth the investment. Now is the time – let Creatuity complete your Magento upgrade before the holiday busy season arises.

For complete documentation on what has changed: http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/ce-18-and-ee-113-documentation-home