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Meet the Team: Elisabeth M.

Meet the Team: Elisabeth M. 1

Meet the Team: Elisabeth M.

Read on for the next installment of “Meet the Team.” These quick interviews with each of our employees give us a chance to introduce all of our stellar talent we have working at Creatuity and give you a chance to match the person to a name. Up next is Elisabeth M., our new business intern.elizabeth



Im a senior at Southern Methodist University. I am set to graduate in May 2015 with BS in Management Science and a minor in Mathematics.

So Elizabeth, how long have you been working in eCommerce and development?

I have never worked in eCommerce before, but I am excited to learn more about it!

With that in mind, what drew you to working in eCommerce and development?

I’m excited to work in eCommerce because I believe it is a field not going anywhere. It is constantly growing and improving. I love how Creatuity helps their clients improve their sites and in correlation the clients business improves. Its a win win situation! And of course I love online shopping so eCommerce is right up my alley.

Do you have any particular skills you’d like to share?

I really enjoy looking at projects or processes and improving their efficiency and over all performance.

This is an area that a lot of people find boring and redundant. With that being said, I am also a big people person. I love meeting new people and learning all about them, which correlates to client communication.

What’s your favorite part about working at Creatuity?

I love working at Creatuity because I don’t feel like I get lost in the crowd. Everyone loves working here and it is obvious that everyone is very devoted to the company and its success. It is not a selfish community. Everyone is here to help everyone on whatever project is going on.

Any hobbies or things you love to do when you’re not working?

I mentioned I am a big people person, so traveling and meeting new people all over the world is a passion of mine. It really opens up your eyes when you learn about some one else’s life and realize how everyone has their own story. I also love running, yoga, and snow skiing. They are all pretty different activities but they give me an outlet for whatever I may be feeling.

Finally, any fun facts about you we can share?

I’m originally from the midwest and was on a ski team for 3 years during high school. Needless to say we traveled to all of our races…