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Meet The Team: Anna B.

Meet The Team: Anna B. 1

Meet The Team: Anna B.

Anna smilingRead on for the next installment of “Meet the Team.” These quick interviews with each of our employees give us a chance to introduce all of the stellar talent we have working at Creatuity and give you a chance to match the person to the name. Next up is Anna B., one of our Account Managers.


Graduated with a BA in Emerging Media and Communications in May 2014.

So Anna, how long have you been working in eCommerce and development?

Creatuity will be my first position in eCommerce and development! I had a marketing internship with Fossil, where I occasionally worked with the eCommerce team, but my position was mainly focused on in-store retail marketing.

With that in mind, what drew you to working in eCommerce and development?

eCommerce combines the 3 industries I want to work with: fashion, retail, and digital. Fashion and retail sort of go hand in hand—I want to work behind the scenes in marketing and merchandising clothes and accessories, while the digital component of eCommerce speaks to my background in school. I love the idea that we are able to bring everything to the digital realm, even the experience of shopping. I have been converted to an online shopper! Unless something needs to be purchased in store, I opt for purchasing online.

Do you have any particular skills you’d like to share?

Although my position is geared more towards management, I have a lot of creative skills that can be used for the office! I can work with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere. I love video production! I do a bit of video work and blogging as a side project.

What’s your favorite part about working at Creatuity?

The office vibe. I like the family style setting, and more importantly, the casual dress code! I absolutely hate the restrictions of business casual clothing. I love the freedom to choose what I like to wear!

Any of hobbies or things you love to do when you’re not working?

As I’ve mentioned above, I’m really into fashion and personal style so I love researching and blogging on my off time. It gives me a creative outlet and lets me channel my interests! I also love food, so I make it a point to eat out at least once every weekend—to try something new or have an old favorite. Other than that, I just like to relax at home! Watch movies, TV, and play video games occasionally.

Finally, any fun facts about you we can share?

Not really a super fun fact, but it always surprises people to hear that I am bilingual, and that I lived in the Philippines for the first 10 years of my life!