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Meet the Team: Daniel K.

Meet the Team: Daniel K. 1

Meet the Team: Daniel K.

Read on for the next installment of “Meet the Team”. These quick interviews with each of our employees gives us a chance to introduce all of the stellar talent we have working at Creatuity and give you a chance to match the person to the name. Next up is Daniel K., one of our fantastic Architects.
Daniel K, Magento Systems Architect


Studied on the faculty of Information Technology of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin in the field of Management and Software Development. eCommerce specialist fascinated with analysis and project management in Software Development.


So Daniel, how long have you been working in eCommerce and development?

I started in 2008 on the Business Analytics Team of the intern program of Big World Wide company located in Szczecin. That was my very first experience in the real software development process. Then I got interested in eCommerce and in 2009, I joined one of leading Polish companies delivering eCommerce Platform builds in SaaS model. From that moment my eCommerce experience and knowledge greatly expanded and brought me to one of most desired eCommerce engines – Magento.


With that in mind, what drew you to working in eCommerce and development?

People think of Software Development like it’s something that is exclusive for developers and I wanted to prove that they’re wrong. I was always interested in development but I never felt like a real developer because I can’t work without communicating with other people looking on all the code on the monitor, and sometimes I can see what developers can’t – the final, overall view of the need that brings clients to developers before they even start working. Then, five years ago when eCommerce was already expanding so fast, I knew that investing my time in it would be beneficial. Then I loved it. There is nothing better than serving clients with knowledge and experience which doubles their revenue.


Do you have any particular skills you’d like to share?

I am skilled at understanding client’s needs, and developing technical requirements based on business objectives.Also, I think that I have well-developed interpersonal skills and I can deal with any situation in project. If we talk about eCommerce, I can’t omit my usability analysis experience and overall analytical approach to solving business problems.


What’s your favorite part about working at Creatuity?

First, the team! Most friendly, professional people I know. I can always count on them and vice versa.

Second, Magento. It has such big potential that I can’t even describe. It can be suited for small companies to meet the simple needs of selling online and for huge eCommerce solutions that are integrated with the most demanding ERP systems.


Any hobbies or things you love to do when you’re not working?

I love music. I used to create/compose music, but now I don’t find enough time to do it regularly – but when I do, I really like to plunge into www.ragamuffinmusic.com. Other than that, I like sports as all boys do! 🙂 Currently, I’m trying my hand in CrossFit. It lets me relax and gives me physical strength to face all the stress that everyday life can bring.