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Merchants See 61% Performance Gains on Magento Enterprise with Creatuity

Merchants See 61% Performance Gains on Magento Enterprise with Creatuity

Creatuity is one of the first Magento agencies applying a DevOps approach to Magento projects. By combining our Magento-specific knowledge that our Magento Certified developers have with our RedHat Certified system administrator’s in-depth knowledge of high-performing server configurations, we’re able to push Magento to run faster and scale higher than anyone has ever gone before.

56% Improvement in Magento EE 1.14 Load Times

With the release of Magento 1.14 with it’s new responsive theme, we have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate using actual statistics just how much faster we’re able to make Magento.

We have setup two installations of Magento 1.14 using the new responsive theme: http://vanilla-ee.demo.creatuity.com/ and http://enterprise.demo.creatuity.com/. Vanilla-EE is a completely ‘vanilla’ installation of Magento – this is the ‘out of the box’ performance of Magento. Enterprise is our base optimized installation of Magento that we start our projects with. Testing both sites demonstrates the massive performance improvements we’re able to provide our Magento clients ‘out of the box’:

Metric Vanilla EE Optimized EE Improvement
Total Load Time 5.575s 2.456s 55.95%
Start Render Time 2.572s 1.667s 35.19%
Speed Index 3967 1701 57.12%


Vanilla-EE shows the stable, well-performing foundation that you get when you install Magento – the entire homepage loads in 5.5 seconds. However, when you review the details there’s quite a bit of room for improvement – in 3 of the 6 areas measured by WebPageTest.org, the default installation receives an ‘F’, with only 1 ‘A’.

It’s on our tuned installation of Magento 1.14, enterprise.demo.creatuity.com, that you begin to get an idea of what Magento can do. After our optimizations, Magento receives an ‘A’ in every area that WebPageTest.org and loads 56% faster than the base installation of Magento.

61% Improvement on a Live Magento EE Site

Testing the default theme is great, but we didn’t stop there. We applied our performance optimizations to an existing, live Magento EE site that was built by another Magento agency. Without spending a dime, changing hosts or setting up a CDN, we were able to provide our client a 63% improvement in their load time. Here’s the details:


Metric Before Creatuity With Creatuity Improvement
Total Load Time 7.781s 3.053s 60.76%
Start Render Time 4.114s 1.697s 58.75%
Speed Index 4255 1904 55.25%


In addition to the great improvement in load time, the site went from 3 F’s and 1 D of the 6 areas that WebPageTest measures to A’s in all 6 areas.

Better Performance = More Revenue

Studies have shown that for each second delay in your page’s load time you will see a 7% reduction in conversions. By reducing load time by 4.7 seconds, we expect to see a 33% increase in conversions. The average ecommerce conversion rate for US-based merchants in Q4 2013 was 3.06%. Assuming your site is performing at this average, increasing your conversion rate by 33% should bring your conversion rate up to 4.07%.

If you’re curious what your specific ROI would be for these performance optimizations, it’s a simple formula. Simply take the number of unique visitors your site receives each month and multiply it by 1%. That’s the number of additional orders the statistics say you should receive after we apply our performance optimizations. Take that number of orders and multiply by your average order value and that’s the total increase in monthly revenue the stats say you should see.

For instance, if you have 20,000 unique visitors per month, 20,000 * 1% = 200 additional orders. If you have an average order value of $100, that’s 200 * $100 = $20,000 additional revenue every month or $240,000 per year.

Even for smaller merchants with, say, 7,000 unique visitors per month and a $35 average order value, you’d have 5,000 * 1% * $35 = $1,750 per month or $21,000 per year.

If we’re building a new site for you, there’s no cost for this – it’s built in to our process of how we build Magento websites. If you have an existing site that someone else built that you’d like us to apply these improvements to, it generally costs our support clients less than $500 for us to apply these improvements. That means for the scenario above for the smaller site you would see a 4,100% return on investment and for the larger site you’d see a return on investment of 47,900%.

Testing methodology

Both sites were installed with Magento Enterprise and the 1.14 sample data. All caching options in the Magento backend were enabled in both sites. We then applied our basic performance enhancements to enterprise.demo.creatuity.com and ran the benchmarks.

For performance testing, we use Webpagetest.org – it’s an independent testing platform that provides the most reliable, repeatable and detailed results. In order to test any other sites, simply visit http://www.webpagetest.org/ and enter the URL to test and click ‘Start Test’. It can be interesting to test a developer’s own site, for instance, to see if they consistently apply performance best practices in all of their work, not just in pre-planned testing scenarios.

View the full WebPageTest.org report for our optimized installation of Magento at http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140519_HA_T44/ and for the Vanilla 1.14 installation of Magento at http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140519_QN_NN8/

View the full WebPageTest.org report for the live site that we optimized at http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140519_7V_RE6/ and the report for that same site before we optimized it is at http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140519_R0_P85/