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Mobilegeddon: The Aftermath

Mobilegeddon: The Aftermath 1

Mobilegeddon: The Aftermath

The mayhem that Google caused with their new mobile-friendly requirements has officially been put into play. Hopefully the renowned Mobilegeddon didn’t catch you and your website by surprise!

Months ago, Google sent out a warning notice that they would be releasing a new search algorithm to favor mobile responsive websites. This new algorithm launched on April 21st and boosts the rankings of mobile-friendly pages on mobile searches. This makes it easier for users to find websites that are high-quality with relevant results that do not involve tapping or zooming. Google wants mobile users to have the most streamline search experience possible.

Those who have not yet complied with Google’s new algorithm, look like this in a Google search from a mobile device:


So not only will Google lower your rankings, but they are making it even more difficult for users to click through to sites that are not mobile-friendly. ”Try anyway” probably is not something you would want potential consumers to have to press in order to head to your website.

Unsure if your website is mobile-friendly? The basic way to check is to browse your site on a mobile device, but if you’d like to officially check, you can plug in your site into Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Failure to comply to these new parameters could result in a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google Search. Fortunately, as soon as your site meets the requirements, it will get re-processed and your rankings should jump back to where they once were.

Creatuity has successfully upgraded multiple Magento stores to meet Google’s new algorithm requirements. Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to any business and we would be more than happy to assist you with this transition. As a general ballpark, upgrading a website takes approximately 5-15 hours, depending on what version of Magento you are currently using and how much custom work is running on your site. Keep in mind that the circumstances of every project differentiate from one another but please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or if you are interested in setting up a mobile-friendly site!