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Our Most Complex Magento Challenge Yet…

Creatuity's Team Hangs Their Magento Certifications in the Office

Our Most Complex Magento Challenge Yet…

People often ask me what the most complex, challenging problem Creatuity’s faced with Magento. Given that we have integrated Magento with over 100 different third-party systems, platforms and API’s, we’ve rescued complex, failing implementations that other developers couldn’t finish and we’ve built extensions and other new features in Magento that no one has ever implemented before, it’s always been hard to pick just one task as the most complex Magento challenge we’ve faced.

Until now. Today, we got together as a team to hang our 12 Magento certifications and 4 additional certifications on the wall in the conference room of our European office. And in case you’re wondering how many developers and managers it takes to determine the best way to hang 16 certificates on the wall and keep them all even and looking neat and organized while hanging them up, the answer is 9!

I’m very proud of our team for all of the certifications they’ve earned – as I told them today, I’ve always known that we have a smart, talented team of developers, but it’s great having the certifications to prove it! We’ll be hanging a similar display in our Dallas office in the US soon as well, so make sure to follow Creatuity on Facebook and Twitter to see the photos of both this event and that one as well!