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Nucleus Commerce: What’s That?

Nucleus Commerce: What's That? 1

Nucleus Commerce: What’s That?

Magento is known for being one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in today’s industry, but can you imagine if there was a way to build upon the greatness of it? Well, Nucleus Commerce is exactly that; it is a powerful solution that layers on top of Magento to accelerate site builds and upgrades.

Nucleus is an amazingly robust, flexible, and scalable eCommerce solution that includes features that are not available in Magento by itself. Some of the exclusive functionalities include in-admin support and expert technical support, along with carefully selected extensions and services from our special team of partners. All features and functionality within Nucleus have been pre-integrated and fully tested with Magento to ensure that all facets will perform successfully.

A few common difficulties that merchants come across while operating their eCommerce store are performance issues, getting quality support when they need it, selecting the right implementation partner, and selecting and installing the right extensions. Nucleus Commerce is intended to eliminate these technology obstacles that are holding merchants back by pairing them up with the best developers and agencies in the Magento ecosystem. This negates the time and energy it takes to find a proper partner. The purpose of Nucleus is to empower merchants on Magento and help them thrive in the eCommerce market!

Nucleus Commerce was launched at the Magento Imagine Conference this year and is now available for partners and clients! Creatuity is proud to be a contributing and agency partner of Nucleus Commerce and would be happy to build or upgrade you to a Nucleus site! If you’d like to find out more information about Nucleus Commerce, don’t hesitate to contact Creatuity.