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Our Company Values: Ownership

Our Company Values: Ownership 1

Our Company Values: Ownership





Our Company Values

To open the 2019 year, as an organization, we are actively reorganizing and overhauling the various meanings behind our company’s values, mission statement, and vision. From our eight previously-identified values, we have constructed a newly improved list of virtues with insight as to what each personality trait or skill means to Creatuity. Our new values will consist of: Integrity, Community, Ownership, Resourcefulness, and Relationships. At Creatuity, we search for ways to ensure that all of our employees relate strongly to company values, to unite individuals with a variety of personalities, communication styles, and organizational roles. We believe in constant improvement and innovation in all aspects; We prioritize work-life balance, creativity and cultivating a mindset that fosters forward-thinking. In order to provide a positive work environment for everyone, regardless of status or position, each team member is responsible for internalizing and illustrating our values. The following article regarding Resourcefulness is the second of a deep-dive series into what each of the five virtues represent to each of us at both an individual and company-wide level.


When we use the word ownership, we are referring to a culmination of personal accountability, a culture of organizational responsibility, and owning the outcomes and consequences of our actions. Taking ownership means that we hold ourselves accountable in all our operations and efforts. We ask, “What can I do to improve my results?” instead of shifting the blame or attributing errors to others. We hold ourselves culpable for and remain committed to our obligations; ownership is a mindset, a conscious choice, and is a reflection of the virtues we hope to embody. Rather than making excuses, we will maintain a willingness to learn from our mistakes, look forward to new challenges, and build positive opportunities in the event of failure. To be a high-functioning, high-performance agency, we must forge a link between individual accountability and trusting in the ownership of others, both within and outside of our immediate organization. Ownership denotes the creation of a space where employees are allowed the freedom to bring their ideas to fruition and take responsibility over completing their responsibilities. Those who take complete ownership of their work and output meaningfully expose their mistakes to overcome potential problems through creative problem solving.

Taking ownership of our actions allows us to be more self-aware regarding the quality of our output, while creating the opportunity for us to achieve the highest standards possible in our duties and undertakings. We exhibit ownership when we take the initiative to sincerely consider how we can improve while taking tangible steps toward making those improvements. Those who are truly committed to devoted to ownership are willing to do what it takes to get the desired results, regardless of the complexity of the issue at hand. In order to make our best work even better, we must be knowledgeable experts in our field. It means that we readily accept what is asked of us, even if that means venturing outside of our normal role or job description, when we are called on to serve the greater functioning of Creatuity. We, as an organization, understand that displaying eagerness to take initiative, whether as an individual or as part of a group, over the timeliness and merit of our work is our responsibility. We take pride in the assets and services that we develop and deliver; each of us are as concerned with the outcome of the organization’s success in the same way that we would care as as the owner of the company, no matter what level of team member we are. In some cases, taking ownership might mean abdicating an idea that originated with you to be carried out by someone who can better complete the project. Despite differences in personal matters or worldview, each person in our organization should support and feel ownership over the Creatuity name and values, as this instills a feeling of personal commitment.
We value delivering on our promises and following through when we give our word, which in turn champions a sense of trust amongst our team. In our partnership with Magento, Adobe, and other agencies, we recognize the importance of representing the Magento brand and community well; in this context, we take ownership over each interaction and exchange involving these entities. We are confident in the capabilities and proficiencies of our colleagues and place trust in a mutual agreement to carry our weight. Displaying ownership occurs when we trust our fellow teammates enough to delegate, share ownership, and relinquish control when necessary for the benefit of the group. We realize that when we share possession of something, we also share failures, hardships, and prosperity. Creating a culture of ownership requires self-monitoring of the accuracy, quality, and resourcefulness of our performances. Self-evaluation is an essential aspect of lifelong learning and growth, all of which are the makings of subject-matter experts who are proud of their accomplishments.

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A Brief History of Creatuity


Founded by Magento Master Joshua Warren in 2008, Creatuity is a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner headquartered in Richardson, Texas. As an international agency with offices in the U.S. and Europe, Creatuity has earned some of the most prestigious honors in the eCommerce technology industry. With almost thirty M2 Certified team members, Creatuity currently holds the most certifications of any Magento Enterprise partner in the world. As a global ecommerce agency, we specialize in Magento Commerce Cloud implementation, Magento Order Management integration and Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations. As an agency, we’ve been the driving force behind several award-winning innovations like our omnichannel-aware, AI powered Chatbot and our contributions to the core code of Magento’s Instant Purchase functionality. For inquiries, contact one of our team members at (214) 810-5005 or contact@creatuity.com.

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