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Our Company Values: Relationships

Our Company Values: Relationships 1

Our Company Values: Relationships

Our Company Values

To open the 2019 year, as an organization, we are actively reorganizing and overhauling the various meanings behind our company’s values, mission statement, and vision. From our eight previously-identified values, we have constructed a newly improved list of virtues with insight as to what each personality trait or skill means to Creatuity. Our new values will consist of: Integrity, Community, Ownership, Resourcefulness, and Relationships. At Creatuity, we search for ways to ensure that all of our employees relate strongly to company values, to unite individuals with a variety of personalities, communication styles, and organizational roles. We believe in constant improvement and innovation in all aspects; We prioritize work-life balance, creativity and cultivating a mindset that fosters forward-thinking. In order to provide a positive work environment for everyone, regardless of status or position, each team member is responsible for internalizing and illustrating our values. The following article regarding Resourcefulness is the second of a deep-dive series into what each of the five virtues represent to each of us at both an individual and company-wide level.


Relationships are about recognizing the importance and humanity of others; we do not see our employees or coworkers as tools or nameless assets to be used in reaching goals or as a source of monetary labor. When we establish healthy, positive business relationships with colleagues, partners, clients, associates, and any other entity that directly or indirectly contributes to the success of our organization, we foster friendships, camaraderie, and valuable professional networks. Healthful, constructive relationships between management and other employees are vital to the productivity and commitment of each team within Creatuity. When we celebrate the accomplishments of our team members and treat others with respect, our organization can grow while maintaining our values. As individuals and members of various teams, we want to build partnerships with those we interact with at both the internal and external level.

We will always attempt to genuinely understand those we work with and the underlying meaning of their actions. In order to improve our channels of communication, we must appreciate the fact that people have emotions, and that feelings aren’t always rational, while endeavoring to comprehend where their behaviors stem from. In our exchanges with others, we seek mutual understanding and support. When we communicate with clients and partners, we prioritize their needs and work toward helping them reach their goals. In these relationships, we respect the boundaries of others while setting our own that we expect to be respected. Our ultimate goal is to initiate and cultivate connections with those in our ecosystem for the long-term benefit of all parties involved. By providing guidance to others, we aspire to help them in selfless ways, even if it means their successes or accomplishments surpass our own. We are not afraid to teach people new skills and develop their professional careers even if that entails their eventual departure or their diversion to a path outside our company. We extend this attitude toward our clients once they are prepared to take over projects and are able to support themselves.

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A Brief History of Creatuity

Once our employees or clients evolve to a point in which they outgrow our organization, we see this as deeply satisfying; this will only result in positive separations and endings. When things are not going well or relationships become unhealthy, we openly but respectfully communicate these things and trust that others will not take offense to our honesty. In turn, when we receive negative feedback, we are not offended. Instead, we recognize the validity and legitimacy of that person or groups’ feelings and use this feedback to improve our efforts in the future. Relationships require teamwork, and teamwork is essential to the success of our individual and group undertakings. With our colleagues and clients/partners, we are open to forming bonds and relationships both during and outside of work. In work environments we remain professional, but this doesn’t’ mean we have to refrain from building personal connection with others. By expanding strong relationships with those in the wider Magento community, we can illustrate our company brand, culture, and values to others.