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Our Company Values: Resourcefulness

Our Company Values: Resourcefulness 1

Our Company Values: Resourcefulness

Our Company Values

To open the 2019 year, as an organization, we are actively reorganizing and overhauling the various meanings behind our company’s values, mission statement, and vision. From our eight previously-identified values, we have constructed a newly improved list of virtues with insight as to what each personality trait or skill means to Creatuity. Our new values will consist of: Integrity, Community, Ownership, Resourcefulness, and Relationships.

At Creatuity, we search for ways to ensure that all of our employees relate strongly to company values, to unite individuals with a variety of personalities, communication styles, and organizational roles. We believe in constant improvement and innovation in all aspects; We prioritize work-life balance, creativity and cultivating a mindset that fosters forward-thinking. In order to provide a positive work environment for everyone, regardless of status or position, each team member is responsible for internalizing and illustrating our values. The following article regarding Resourcefulness is the second of a deep-dive series into what each of the five virtues represent to each of us at both an individual and company-wide level.


We believe that resourcefulness is an essential mindset, particularly in the context of achieving difficult goals or finding our paths obscured by complications. Resourcefulness alludes to the active contribution of new ideas, innovative solutions, and improving present methods. When we perform our work with a resourceful mindset, we develop an attitude that encourages and drives us to find a way through our problems. Being resourceful involves building a widespread personal and professional network while attempting to develop meaningful relationships with others. At Creatuity, we hope to inspire creative, out-of-the-box thinking that allows each of our team members to apply the knowledge and skills they gain through problem-solving. Although the word “resourcefulness,” has certain connotations of being able to solve problems under time limits or other situations of high stress, the virtue of being resourceful often involves organization, careful planning, and efficient decision-making abilities. The capacity to utilize the proper resources and use them successfully are at the foundation of the competence and confidence that come along with being resourceful.
Those who illustrate resourcefulness strive to educate themselves beyond their normal responsibilities so that they are able to provide a set of valuable attributes to their fellow team members, even when they’re outside of their comfort zone. We will endeavor to develop organizational and personal policies that employ our resources in conscientious, sustainable ways. We are not reluctant to face change or progress; we are open-minded when faced with a generation of new technology and ideas. As resourceful individuals, we are passionate about overcoming obstacles even when things seem impossible. Being resourceful means that we find methods to achieve our goals while setting higher standards. Those who have this characteristic embody an inventive, entrepreneurial spirit and set out to fulfill their intentions while visualizing possible routes to favorable outcomes. When it comes to our clients, partners, coworkers, and the larger Magento community, we find original ways to leverage our resources to aid and inspire those in our ecosystem. When we have the opportunity to help or encourage others, whether it’s within our company or regarding a potential client, we identify assets within ourselves and Creatuity that can lead to the advancement of the Magento community.
When we deal with unfamiliar situations or difficult relationships, we immediately and skillfully deal with whatever may present itself. Operating outside of our comfort zone can help us develop resourceful habits and see the reality of our surroundings in a new light. When we maintain a resourceful attitude, we believe that there’s always a way to accomplish our objectives. We understand that asking others for aid when necessary is not a weakness but the sign of a resourceful individual who recognizes the value of our colleagues’ knowledge and expertise. We think creatively and collaborate with those around us to bring to light innovative solutions that move our organization forward. Displaying resourcefulness necessitates imagination, initiative, and ingenuity. We demonstrate an open willingness to consider and embrace new ideas and worldviews, even when they are much different from our own. Both in our personal and professional lives, we see ourselves as adequate and capable of handling any obstacle we might come into contact with.

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A Brief History of Creatuity

Founded by Magento Master Joshua Warren in 2008, Creatuity is a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner headquartered in Richardson, Texas. As an international agency with offices in the U.S. and Europe, Creatuity has earned some of the most prestigious honors in the eCommerce technology industry. With almost thirty M2 Certified team members, Creatuity currently holds the most certifications of any Magento Enterprise partner in the world. As a global ecommerce agency, we specialize in Magento Commerce Cloud implementation, Magento Order Management integration and Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations. As an agency, we’ve been the driving force behind several award-winning innovations like our omnichannel-aware, AI powered Chatbot and our contributions to the core code of Magento’s Instant Purchase functionality. For inquiries, contact one of our team members at (214) 810-5005 or contact@creatuity.com.

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