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PHP 5.4 can now be integrated into Magento!

PHP 5.4 can now be integrated into Magento! 1

PHP 5.4 can now be integrated into Magento!

Magento is making advancements to make their platform to create more efficiency, and we are excited to hear that Magento now supports PHP 5.4! So what is so special about PHP 5.4, you may ask? Some of the most notable changes in PHP 5.4 are numerous bug fixes, a change in language syntax, improved performance, and reduced memory changes.

PHP 5.4 supports multibyte languages and has a cleaner code base due to PHP developer’s efforts of removing deprecated language features. The PHP developers also included a built-in webserver, which is used to aid application development and for extra testing purposes, in Command-line interface (CLI) that would make workflows for development and testing more orderly. PHP 5.4 also includes a method called Traits, which is the reuse of codes in single inheritance languages.This is intended to reduce the limitations of single inheritance language and allow developers to use independent classes in different hierarchies of code. By adding traits, it reduces the complexity and problems that come with multiple inheritances.

An example of a trait in CLI, would be:

 PHP 5.4

Magento wants to get this out to all Magento users as quickly as possible, so the Magento team has released patches for both Magento Community and Enterprise editions. If you’re unable to download PHP 5.4 for whatever reason, you can try upgrading to 5.3.28, which is the latest version of the PHP 5.3.x product line that contains the same PHP 5.4 security fixes.

If you don’t want to install the patches by yourself or don’t know how to, don’t be afraid to call us at (214)-810-5005 or email us at contact@creatuity.com and one of our skilled developers can integrate it into your Magento store. For more information about the changes of the PHP 5.4 entails, please read this PHP 5.4 release announcement or if you are interested in how it effects Magento, read this Magento Now Supports PHP 5.4 article.