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PHP World is Here!

PHP World is Here! 1

PHP World is Here!

By Elisabeth M.

PHP World is finally upon us! Our CEO, Joshua W., and Executive Vice-President, Jenna W., took off to Washington DC this morning. Everyone in the PHP community is excited to learn what developers and different frameworks are working on.

Creatuity had so much fun at Meet Magento New York last month, and we hope to see some familiar faces from the Magento community at PHP World. This conference goes beyond Magento and will unite us with all types of PHP developers. Topics will span from Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla!, to Zend Framework, Magento, Symfony, and Laravel. Creatuity is excited to gain insight on some new ideas and ideals. Keynote speakers will focus on topics from beginner, intermediate and advance, so there is something for everyone, everyday, whether they want to learn about their current framework or dive into a new one. Our own Joshua W. is speaking on “A Succesful Magento Project From Design to Deployment”,  “Magento, Client, Budget, TDD – What You Can, Can’t And Must Test”, and “The Care and Feeding of Magento Developers.” 

This is the first time PHP[achitect] magazine is holding this conference, and they are super excited about what it has in store. They have planned an awesome finale to the conference called “The greatest panel on earth.” All 7 of the biggest PHP frameworks mentioned above will be represented by a core developer to answer everyone’s difficult questions and address some hot topics. It could even spur some debates!

The conference spans from today, November 10th, to friday, November 14. Creatuity will make sure to keep you posted on the exciting events that lie ahead of us.