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Pinterest Rich Pins- Using Pinterest to its Fullest Potential 1

Pinterest Rich Pins- Using Pinterest to its Fullest Potential

Recently, I attended a webinar hosted by ChannelAdvisor on how to grow sales using Pinterest. For those who are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s a place where people collect, organize, and share things that they love. It is a crucial place to be for a business that has products that need to be shared. It allows a business to get their products discovered and shared with others. The are a few helpful ways to increase people to talk about and share your products on Pinterest.


The first step is to inspire more pinning. The best way to do this is by having a Pinterest “Pin it” button on every product page, making the functionality even more accessible for the customer. The customer will be able to pin the product to her or his board, which will be shared to people who follow that board or person. If you’re looking for an extension to help you do this, a good extension to have would be the Addshoppers Magento extension and service. AddShoppers allows your Magento website to be equipped to allow customers to post products on their social media websites (and it’s not just limited to Pinterest). Also, promoting your Pinterest site on other social media sites will draw attention to Pinterest and the products on your boards.


Another tool you can use is the Rich Pin tool that Pinterest offers. Rich Pins allows you to have the price, availability, and where to buy the product when you click on the product. If you’d like to go a step further, Creatuity has made a Pinterest Rich Product Pins extension that will allow you to put the URL and the site name on the product title as well. This will promote awareness to your website, as more pertinent information is provided to customers when shared. 


The second step is to learn what works. Try various techniques to get people’s attention. If it is not working, try something else. Figure out what each buyer would want and tailor your boards to things they would be interested in. Pinterest analytics will able to help figure out what your customers like by looking at what products have been pinned or liked the most within a time frame.

Lastly, invest in your presence on Pinterest. The boards you have produced need to be tailored to specific interests instead of just products. For example, if you own a company that produces snowboards, make sure to tailor to the interest of snowboarding, not just the products. Most people will put in generic terms like “snowboarding.” This gives you a great opportunity to showcase boards that have your product, snowboards, snowboarding gear, and cool places you could go to in order to snowboard. Being able to be versatile will keep people interested in your boards.

A very good example of a company that became successful off of Pinterest is Etsy. Etsy is a website that allows people to buy and sell vintage products and find interesting do-it-yourself ideas. Etsy began to showcase their items on Pinterest and encouraged guests to post content to their Pinterest. They drove sales and traffic by adding the “Pin it” button on their website. People who posted content on to Etsy were able to see who liked or repinned their items, which helped them evaluate what to pin or post on Esty’s website.

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 Pinterest is becoming more prominent in every day life and businesses alike. More people are looking for great ideas, inspirations, and products to help them plan projects and events out. Working with Pinterest to show people your product will bring more awareness to your website and your expertise.Ready to use Pinterest to increase sales? Call Creatuity at (214) -810-5005 to install the Pinterest Rich Product Pin extension or email extensions@creatuity.com.


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