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The Poznan Team Relocates

The Poznan Team Relocates 1

The Poznan Team Relocates

Finally! We have moved from our old Poznan location to an almost new building with much better commute. We are now Located at Barska 4/2. The new office is much closer to the city center, but it also has a bus stop 200 meters away and a tram stop 400 meters away from the office.

Our new office is also much nicer than the previous one, especially since we replaced all of the furniture and our working conditions are much better this time. We also have more space now: two rooms for our developers (each up to 6 people), three private offices and a conference room for 10+ people. Good news for all active people, there is also a possibility to rent a place for your bike and take a shower after you ride (or run) your way to work! As Poznan is home to many talented developers, we are hoping they will find it interesting and will be interested join our team in our new office! Especially, since with more space, we started hiring again.

We are currently hiring for:
Junior PHP Developer
Magento Developer
Quality Assurance 

Take a look at some photos below. We still haven’t said the final word about how this office is going to look like, but we believe that it’s already looking great! Poznan, we are waiting for you!