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New Responsive Base Theme in Magento

New Responsive Base Theme in Magento 1

New Responsive Base Theme in Magento

Magento has officially made their newest update for Community Edition and Enterprise Edition! While their other updates focused on improving performance, this update focuses new additions to help improve customer satisfaction and the elimination of bugs. The most noteworthy addition to the new versions of Magento is the new responsive base theme, which cuts the time from development to launch in half.

Twenty-six percent of eCommerce sales will come from mobile devices by 2017. This number excludes travel and event tickets, but these two categories are a small fraction of the total retail sales. With the way that consumers shop now, responsive design is always going to be needed. Responsive Design allows searching for things quicker and more efficiently. Present-day consumers are more accustomed to multitasking and spend more time on mobile devices due to their easy accessibility. Consumers become frustrated or discouraged from making a sale when the page takes to long to load or if they have to zoom in, tap, and scroll to find what they are looking for.

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This is the responsive version of the sample website

With the new responsive base theme, your website is can be resized to fit on any device while keeping all the buttons, products and other customized additions in tact. This helps with checking out on a mobile device as well because the shopping cart is designed to work for any device. The best things about these Editions is that it takes about half the time to implement the responsive design now onto your Magento website. The team at Magento made it easier and less time-consuming to make a customized theme.

Responsive design is imperative for a business’ success. It’s built into Magento by default now, so we encourage you to update to the latest version of Magento. Don’t hesitate to call us at (214) 810-5005 or email us at contact@creatuity.com if you’d like us to update your version of Magento!