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You guys went above and beyond expectation

We have consistently had developers that try to put a band-aid on issues we tell them are going wrong, and they never truly fix the issue… I am amazed that in a very short time, you were able to diagnose a number of problems and provide us with solutions. Not to mention, the timeliness in which you responded and kept us updated is exactly what we are looking for… You guys went above and beyond and we just wanted to thank you for that.
- Tiffany

Partnering with magento and Creatuity has been a great success!!

It was a daunting task to seek out a web platform to replace 8 year old sites fully customized around our business processes. We chose magento for its ability to grown with us ... we have multiple sites with ERP, 3PL and loyalty programs integrated. Magento is a cutting edge ecommerce company which keeps us cutting edge in our industry !! Partnering with magento and Creatuity has been a great success!!
- Noel Asmar

Company whom I can completely rely on

I've relied on Creatuity for a while now to take care of various modifications and maintenance requests for our Magento website. They've always been very responsive, knowledgeable and complete the task right the first time. They are the type of company I can rely on.
- Chris Turley

Big thanks for the quality of work

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the time, effort and most importantly quality or work which you've put in and provided us with. You've over delivered. I really didn't think what you've been able to accomplish was even possible with the site at hand. I'll definitely be using your services again.
- MySpecs.com

Amazing company to work with

We have worked with Creatuity on the implementation and integration of Magento for over one year now and our partnership continues to expand as we explore the opportunities online for our business. We value the open communication, the reporting feedback on projects and the ability to discuss and find creative solutions to our requests. The Creatuity team are responsive to our requests and are very knowledgeable about the software as well as understanding the needs of our business. We know Creatuity will be a strong Partner as we look to the future as our business grows.
- Sharon J. Yamamoto

Good But Expensive

Good But Expensive Creatuity Corp. built a pretty good functional website for my business. The prices are high. It took Creatuity Corp. about a year to create and complete. I thought it was a reasonable time. They have good web developers.
- Chaim K.

Highly Recommend

Highly Recommend Creatuity has been very helpful in solving our Magento back-end issues. We had a really hard time trying to find a place that would do the minor repairs we needed on our website until we found this company. They responded to our initial email right away and were only just an email or call away after that, plus they regularly keep in touch in case more assistance is needed. We also deal with the same person(s) each time, so they understand our history. I highly recommend them!
- Dottie C.

Good Job

Good Job Creatuity Corp. was with the company prior to my hire, however, they have been doing everything that we request from them. They are responsible for maintaining our website. I rated them high because they do their job satisfactory. I will recommend this company.
- John D.

The Best Development Company to Work With

The Best Development Company to Work With I learned about Creatuity Corp. from Magento sales representative. They have consulted us in various ecommerce ideas and has helped us with getting my system up and running when it was down. I can say that they are very quick to respond and that they have a proactive approach. Report an Issue
- nancy n

David D. Sacramento, CA 07/11/2016 Great Magento Partner

Great Magento Partner Creatuity has been great to work with on our M1 to M2 migration. They really know Magento well, and have stayed ahead of the curve by learning how to handle Magento 2 migrations early. Their team is highly responsive and worked well with us. I would definitely recommend Creatuity to other Magento merchants, and have already done so a number of times. We'll definitely continue working with them in the future.
- David D.

Awesome company! I most definitely recommend them.

Awesome company! I most definitely recommend them. Creatuity Corp. are awesome and I would most definitely recommend them. They are a great company and we are going to continue to work with them. This is not the first time that we have used them, we've been using them in an ongoing basis for a couple of years and they treated us well and we had good results.
- Pat S.

Their customer service is satisfactory but their overall process is taxing.

Their customer service is satisfactory but their overall process is taxing. From a customer service perspective I thought that Creatuity Corp. was very satisfactory. I thought that their pricing was a bit high and their overall process for working with their customer was a bit taxing. We actually had been using them for a while, for a continuous period of time we were working with them but after we got into the contract we weren't 100% satisfied with the process so we've been working with a different developer since that time. I talked to the company directly and explained this, so they already have this feedback.
- Kristie K.

I Had A Positive Experience

I had discovered Creatuity Corp. from doing an internet search. They are responsible for maintaining my website. We have a good partnership together; I like working with them for they do a good job.
- James W.

Very Professional but Didn't Fit Our Needs Well

Very Professional but Didn't Fit Our Needs Well My experience with Creatuity Corp. was not great, however, I think some of that had to do with what we were asking for. They had difficulty giving us what we wanted but I don't think we really knew what we wanted in the first place. We were kind of asking for a Cadillac but our budget more in line a Chevette. They were very professional and they did a lot of custom coding for us, which was superb. Unfortunately things kind of fell apart in the end and we had to go somewhere else, but I don't necessarily think it was their fault. For your average company, which we are not, I think they would be a good solution. They do a lot of custom coding and their coders are very good.
- D S

Great service, very pleased!

Great service, very pleased! I recently used the services from Creatuity Corp, and was quite pleased with how the work from them went. The people there were very friendly and courteous, and were excellent at keeping communication going between us. They were able to help everything get set up correctly and working well. Overall I thought Creatuity Corp was very helpful with getting our eCommerce system set up, I would definitely use their services again when I need, and I highly recommend them!
- James W

Everything We Needed Was Done!

Everything We Needed Was Done! I recently used Creatuity Corp for the first time and they were really good! They did some re-working of elements on a backend database. They did exactly what was asked. Everything we needed was done and done well!
- Chris S

Good response times

Alan G. East Petersburg, PA 01/10/2017 Good response times For the most part we have been very happy with the people over at Creatuity Corp. They have streamlined a bunch of stuff for us and really made our lives easier. They are quick to respond to any questions we might have and they resolve those questions very clearly and concisely. Very helpful and we would definitely recommend them.
- Alan G.

Empoyee Priveledge

Empoyee Priveledge I just wanted to stop in to say that I appreciate Creatuity so much they were there in the time I needed to get back on my feet. I never had work done by them but rather worked for them and the time they put in to the work they do is phenomenal Josh and Jenna ( Texas Team) are an amazing power couple and they work extremely hard and I would definitely send anyone needing e commerce help (especially Magento ) to them and the awesome team they have. Thank you Creatuity for all you do day in and out!!!
- Kris F.

Overall Very Pleased with the Relationship

Overall Very Pleased with the Relationship Creatuity Corp. is really good at what they do. As far as maintaining our Magento service platform I have found that they are very, very good. You need to make sure you keep an open line of communicate with them for things to go smoothly. They're good communicators, but you have to hold up your end of the bargain too. As far as the price, they're not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Overall I'm very pleased with the relationship.
- Mellors W

Great Work, Very Pleased!

Great Work, Very Pleased! I recently went to Creatuity Corp for help building a site for my business, and was quite pleased with how the services from them went. The people from Creatuity Corp were very friendly and helpful, and were able to get the website set up quickly and without issue. Overall I think the services from Creatuity Corp were very helpful, I would highly recommend their services.
- James W

Helpful Services with Room for Improvement

Helpful Services with Room for Improvement Creatuity Corp. has been managing our company's website since 2015. Their services have been pretty good and helpful. I do feel, and this is true throughout tech, that is it sometimes hard to nail down a good timeline for work and doesn't always get completed as fast as one would like. Other than that, I feel that their pricing is fair and they are pretty responsive to our contact. The staff I have worked with has been helpful but could be little more knowledgeable.
- Mallory W

Complex web build made easy

Complex web build made easy Creatuity just completed a somewhat complex very custom E-Commerce website build for my company. I was very impressed with both the programmers and Brian my project manager. I have heard many nightmare stories, but this was as easy as it possibly could be thanks to the great service at Creatuity.
- Marc G.

Excellent digital partner.

We've worked with many digital agencies. Creatuity is easily the best. Excellent work, excellent service, and very knowledgeable.
- Jonathan E. Ennis

Easy Communication

Easy Communication Creatuity Corp. is currently working on our Magento 2 website and is doing a good job! They have an online portal that makes communicating with them really easy. They are great to work with and I would recommend them.
- name n.

Excellent Company

Excellent Company I'd recommend working with Josh and Creatuity! Great team of hard working Magento Gurus. They're on the leading edge of technology and pushing Magento to new heights.
- Matthew F.

Good Service But Slow Service

Good Service But Slow Service We found about Creatuity Corp. from doing an internet search. I will say that the company always check everything out first, however, if only they could improve on their speed when it comes to productivity and communication. For instance, this company is pretty procedural and it takes them a very long while to hear anything back from them or for something to be done immediately. I think it's their process where this person has to then contact this person and then I have to wait for an email; or I have to email them and then wait for them to hear back from another person via email - and sometimes a whole entire day has passed without receiving any kinds of service. As a result, I'd like to see something created to where there was like a fast track to expedite simple requests or things that could be done right away oppose to having to wait for a really long time like the next day. Overall, I would recommend this company since they do offer satisfactory services.
- PowerWashcom H.

Solid Magento 2.0 Deve Team

Solid Magento 2.0 Deve Team I learned about Creatuity Corp. from the Magento conference. They've designed and developed an e-commerce website for me in 3 months. Prices were on the high end. Nevertheless, I rated them high for their great communication and their process which was also great. Chris was our project manager. He was articulate and a good funnel for relaying information to all project teams.
- Scott M.

Expectations Met

Expectations Met We learned about Creatuity Corp. from another company. They are responsible for building an e-commerce website for us. I feel like they know the magneto platform and are able to develop on top of that podium. We are assigned to a specific representative and anytime I leave an inquiry or I post something on their website my representative responds back to me in a timely manner via email and that's one way how we communicate back and forth. We've had a positive experience with the company.
- Pat S.


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