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Running a B2B Ecommerce Site? Report Shows Why Twitter Is a Must

Running a B2B Ecommerce Site? Report Shows Why Twitter Is a Must 1

Running a B2B Ecommerce Site? Report Shows Why Twitter Is a Must

Digital marketing software provider Optify released a report today in which they benchmark B2B marketing and lead generation in 2012. The most startling thing they discovered: Twitter beats both Facebook and LinkedIn as the leading platform for B2B lead generation by a ratio of 9-to-1 each. This is even more interesting when you dig into the report and see that Facebook drove 52% of the traffic from all social sources to B2B websites in 2012 – Facebook generates much more traffic, but it appears that for B2B purposes, traffic from Facebook is of a much lower quality and converts much less than traffic from Twitter or LinkedIn.

This is surprising quite a few B2B marketers and owners of B2B-focused eCommerce websites – many of them have been pouring money into Facebook and especially LinkedIn campaigns, when it turns out that money would be better spent on a comprehensive marketing program centered around Twitter. Surprises like this are why we always encourage our conversion rate optimization clients and all of our eCommerce clients to always measure everything – with free tools like Google Analytics providing so many ways to track leads and sales, there’s no reason why you can’t calculate the ROI of all of your marketing efforts. If you aren’t measuring where your leads and conversions are coming from, and if you’re not actively following those reports, you’re operating your business blind and potentially wasting money or missing out on great quality leads and sales. If you aren’t currently measuring these items on your website, please, contact us – call us at 214-810-5005 or contact us here on our website using our Request a Quote form and ask us how we can very simply and affordably enable the tracking and measurement of these statistics for you. We can setup lead and conversion rate tracking as well as convert the reports and data you’re already gathering into specific, actionable steps for you.

The report also underscores the importance of SEO for B2B-focused eCommerce websites – the largest single source of traffic and leads to B2B websites was organic search results, at 41%. In that category, Google led the way at over 88% of all organic traffic. This is why at Creatuity, we build every website from the ground-up with search engine optimization in mind. If we didn’t built your site for you, contact us – we can help you improve your on-page search engine optimization and make content recommendations or even help you generate quality content that will not only improve your search engine rankings and the amount of organic traffic you receive, it will also help you convert those visitors to your site into leads and then conversions.

Here’s a great infographic that Optify released with some of the results of this study (click for larger version, and a special thanks to Optify for putting together this graphic):

Optify Infographic For 2012 B2B Marketing Report