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Improving the SEO in your Magento Store

Improving the SEO in your Magento Store 1

Improving the SEO in your Magento Store

Out of the box, Magento websites are already search-engine friendly, but you can optimize SEO in your Magento store even more using the built-in tools that Magento offers. We learned more about SEO and Magento at Magento Imagine this year from Michael Mothner, the founder and CEO of Wpromote.

URL structure is important when you are thinking about the SEO in your Magento site. Magento automatically puts store codes in URLS. They are effective when it comes to locating products in your database but not too effective when it comes to visibility on search engines. Luckily, it’s easy to remove. Just go to the Configuration portion in your Magento admin panel and then click on select then Search Engine Optimization. Then switch the “Add Codes to URLs” option to no.

SEO  in your Magento Store

There are two different website structures – flat and hierarchical. A flat structure means that the website’s pages all connect to one root page. Hierarchical structure means that there are more pages within pages. It’s like a filing system where you have multiple folders in one big cabinet. It’s suggested to not go more than 3 later deep in each page that way each page isn’t cluttered.

Set up breadcrumbs for your Magento site. The best way to do this is to set up a XML sitemap. This allows the search engine to go through all of your content and pick out specific pages that could be used for different searches. You can create one easily by going into your Magento admin panel → Catalog → Google Sitemap. When you’re finished, make sure to link your map to your robot.txt file or let Google know by using Google Webmaster Tools.

Try to avoid duplicate content as much as possible. Magento automatically puts the same content for the same product, even if it’s on two different web pages. Google will look at this and think you copied the same content information for each product and reduce the visibility of your site in search results. To fix this, go to configurations → Catalog → then Search Engine Optimization. After you are done with that, change the “Use categories Path for URLs” to no then accept the two options for “Canonical Link Meta Tag.” This allows you to create content for each individual product.

According to laseoexperts; a search engine optimization firm,
the most important thing about SEO is how you use the keywords throughout your website. Try to use words that are generic in your headings so that more people will stumble upon your site, then use descriptive words in the description of your products to really sell the customer on the product. When buying keywords through Google Adwords, focus on words that relate to your product – customers who are looking for your products specifically will be looking for these words, so if your website is the first website that can help them out, then your conversion rates will most likely increase.

You can configure the SEO in your Magento store in several different ways. Don’t hesitate to call us at (214)-810-5005 or email us at Contact@creatuity.com for help with SEO in your Magento store, remember there are lead generation opportunities all over the place if you just remember to always be prospecting!