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Strategies for Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

Strategies for Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts 1

Strategies for Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

About seventy-five percent of online purchases are abandoned, which is a big concern in the eCommerce community. You may not be able to save all purchases, but you can significantly decrease these odds of people not purchasing the products by following a few strategies for recovering abandoned shopping carts, including ways to increase conversion rates without having to spend money on a third-party service.recovering abandoned shopping carts

The most deterring thing for a customer is getting to the checkout part of a transaction and finding out that there are hidden fees or that shipping rates cost an arm and a leg. Shipping fees are usually at the end of the transaction and typically run the bill up and scare away customers from making a purchase. The easiest way to prevent this is by being upfront about all fees and shipping costs. Even better – make shipping free! More customers will be willing to keep their carts if they know exactly what they are paying for. Offering free shipping is an added bonus for them, as they’ll purchase from your business more often if they know that you offer something to them for shopping with you.

Personally, the one thing that bothers me the most is when I have to sign into an account in order to purchase something. Similar to hidden fees, this typically happens right when you are about to check out. Asking people for their account information is a good way to get information from them and make their shopping experience better, however, forcing customers to create an account may not give you the results you had hoped for. The best way to combat this is asking before hand if they want to sign in or just continue checkout as a guest. By giving customers this option, you are increasing the chances of the customer going through with the transaction. By  getting their information beforehand, customers are able to save their carts for future references.

When people are browsing through your website, give them the option of checking out whenever they want to. Make sure it’s known that customers can checkout quickly at anytime they want. Even when they leave the site, it’s helpful to save customers’ shopping carts so they remember immediately why they visited the site in the first place! Most of the time, people have questions, which is why they abandon their shopping carts. Have a contact form  and information available at all times so people are able to ask these questions. Many people also tend to use the shopping cart as a wish list – instead, give customers a “add to wishlist” option so they can come back and purchase at anytime they want. This flexibility increases the chances that a customer is going to come back and buy the product.

One of the best ways to get the customer to remember that they abandoned their cart is by reminding them via email. According to Retail TouchPoints, sixty-one percent of people are more willing to return to the site and purchases something when they get a reminder.  Most people forget that they even added products to their carts, so it’s good to send a friendly reminder once in a while. Don’t send emails like this too often, though, as this might scare the customer from purchasing. By default, Magento actually allows you to do this if you have the Magento Enterprise Edition, and it’s fairly simple to configure on your own!

history of recovering abandoned shopping carts in Magento
All of these ideas should help decrease the amount of abandoned carts on your website. If you need help forming strategies for recovering abandoned shopping carts, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (214)-810-5005 or email us at Contact@creatuity.com.