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Tips for a Successful Magento Product Import

Tips for a Successful Magento Product Import

A common misconception we encounter daily from many of our prospective and current clients regards importing products into Magento. If you scour the web for information about importing products into Magento, you’re bound to find information telling you how “simple” and “easy” a Magento product import can be. True, there are a lot of extensions out there and instructions on how to complete these instructions yourself, but every product import into Magento is different, and more often than not, these extensions and instructions you’ll find out there won’t take your specific businesses requirements into consideration. Every business has a different product catalog that requires special attention to different and specific considerations and requirements.

Since there are so many unique aspects to every catalog, product imports in Magento can be convoluted and tedious – honestly, a product import should be handled by a Magento-certified developer to ensure a successful import of all of your product data. An unsuccessful import can result in incorrect and conflicting data, which would decrease conversion rates and damage the overall usability of your site. We often do some of the following things to help clients prepare for a product import into Magento, whether the catalog is brand new or is being transferred from another ecommerce platform.

  1. Provide example import files that Magento will import successfully. Clients then use these examples to build the product import file.
  2. It’s not always clear what one field means in one system in relation to Magento, so if you’re moving from one ecommerce platform to another, we can take a look at the current structure of your catalog on that platform to help map the information correctly to Magento.
  3. If you’re building a new catalog (or restructuring your current one from scratch), we can provide suggestions on how to organize your catalog by recommending a category structure, attribute sets, and product attributes that would optimize the usability of your site for you customers.
  4. If you have an import file prepared, we can take a quick look at the file for you to ensure the import will be successful.

Additionally, there’s a lot things you can do to help with the product import. Below is a list of some things you could do to prepare your catalog before a Magento-certified developer completes an import.

  1. Describe your attributes and category structure. This will help any developer understand what the end result of the import should be.
  2. Separate your product attributes from your product descriptions. This will make your catalog much more usable – search engines will also be able to distinguish this information more specifically, as well.
  3. Check for and remove duplicate data – products, categories, attributes, etc. Get rid of any extraneous information, as any unnecessary information will increase the size of the database and could slow down the system overall.
  4. Check for missing values for important fields like price, SKU, product name, description, etc. Many of these fields are required in Magento and will be needed in order to complete the import successfully.
  5. Remove HTML, CSS, or any other code from product descriptions. Magento will style this text correctly using the installed theme – extra code will more than likely cause styling issues.
  6. Be sure to distinguish between different product types. Magento has several different product types, so be sure to utilize these where you can to help increase conversion rates and overall usability on your site.
  7. If possible, include the available quantities of each product in your catalog so inventory management will be up-to-date once the import is completed.

At Creatuity, we work on product imports on a regular basis and are experienced in many different types of Magento product imports. If you have any questions or want additional details about anything mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment here!