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Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program for your Magento Store

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program for your Magento Store 1

Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program for your Magento Store

We are proud to say that we have recently partnered up with Sweet Tooth in order to provide the best Loyalty program for your Magento store! They have several different programs that will increase your customer retention rate and customer service. Sweet Tooth works mainly with Magento Merchants so they make is as Magento friendly as possible.

By using the Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program, you can reward customers with points when they spend money on your website. These points can then be redeemed for other products on your website. By using Sweet Tooth, you can increase your sales by 30 percent. There are many different ways to set up the point system – for example,  you can customize the point system to redeem for particular rewards or set up a rule for customers to receive a certain amount of points for every dollar they spend.

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Sweet Tooth also includes ways of creating and keeping loyal customers. They re-engage customers by sending out rewards and promotions to customers that spend money frequently or make big purchases. There are also Milestone rules that can be set up, so when a customer  hits a milestone, he or she is rewarded with points or moved into a different customer group. As a merchant, you can set up a tiered status-based program that allows you to set up groups depending on the the amount of orders a customer places , the amount a customer spends, or the amount of referrals a customer refers. When a customer reaches a certain tier, he or she  will be qualified for whatever reward is set for that tier, such as accelerated coupons or a different point system altogether.

Merchants are able to set up their loyalty program  so  they can reward customers for referring people. When customers sign up, they receive a referral code in an email that they can  to post social media sites in order to refer people for extra points. Sweet Tooth is completely white label, so any emails sent will be sent with your special logo on it. In order for the customer to get the points, the person they referred needs to sign up or purchase something on the website. Customers are also able to look at how many  points they have accumulated and see what they can buy with the amount of points they’ve earned.

As a Merchant, you are able to deduct points and add points when needed. Let’s say  a customer  bought something with her  points and (for whatever reason) she couldn’t complete the checkout process , a customer service representative would  be able to credit that customer  points back into her  account. Sweet Tooth also comes with a slew of reporting features,  so you can focus your marketing efforts on the most profitable resources.

Sweet Tooth gives priority support to partners, so any client of our who needs help with their Sweet Tooth loyalty program will be given top priority! Sweet Tooth provides a great marketing tool for your Magento store, so don’t hesitate to call us at 214-810-5005 or email us at contact@creatuity.com and we can help you get started with Sweet Tooth!