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Sweet Tooth Rewards Extension: A Must Use

Sweet Tooth Rewards Extension: A Must Use 1

Sweet Tooth Rewards Extension: A Must Use

Generally, when it comes to implementing a new extension into a Magento-based site, it is difficult to choose the proper addition. The difficulty does not lie within the installation, however, but in the selection available. Because Magento is an open-source platform, there are many developers adding extensions, which means there is a constantly growing selection to choose from. Of course, one needs to know the type of extension that should be used, and when it comes to generating interest during Q4, one must pick an extension that will not only grab a customer’s attention, but will have them returning again and again.

Enter Sweet Tooth.

The idea behind the Sweet Tooth Rewards Extension is very simple: Give customers loyalty points any time they make a purchase. The loyalty points can be tweaked via the Admin panel, allowing admins to establish when points are given, how many are given, special cases in which more points may be given; essentially establish the parameters for the shopping cart and each product.  The loyalty points that are given to customers can be, in turn, redeemed by these customers. Again, the admin can set up and establish the parameters in which the points can be redeemed, i.e. fifteen loyalty points gives a customer fifteen percent of a new purchase. Furthermore, to push the point system to new heights, customers are encouraged to share pages and products to receive even more points, so they can redeem them and make more purchases.

It’s a simple, effective, and ultimately, brilliant system. Purchases lead to points. Points lead to redemption. Redemption leads to more purchases. Sharing products or pages leads to points. And the loop continues. Cross-promotion and up-selling becomes much simpler with the incentive of loyalty points.

Creatuity has utilized the Sweet Tooth extension for a client, Hail Merry. The client wanted to add some form of loyalty program to drive sales and secure loyal customers. While Magento Enterprise Edition has built-in customer loyalty functions, these features did not quite line up with Hail Merry’s goals. Of course, an alternative was needed, so Sweet Tooth became the solution due to it’s customization in terms of customer behavior, sharing abilities, and referral rewards. The results of using the extension were exemplary.

For starters, Hail Merry received a massive increase in site performance, with 84.6% new visitors, an increased session rate of 84.63%, an increased bounce rate of 63.72%, and an extended session duration of 2:36. The page views jumped to an average of 50,827 monthly sessions. And because of the addition of Sweet Tooth, Hail Merry saw an increased customer base, with 932 new customers signing up and 950 returning clients. This meant that orders grew by 825% and revenue skyrocketed to 1543%.

Again, Sweet Tooth is a sensational extension. It rewards customers and owners alike. Customers receive points, which means they can receive discounts, buy more, etc. Owners will receive a revenue boost due to the increase in sales and repeat customers. And with Q4 upon the eCommerce community, now is the time to add Sweet Tooth to a Magento site.