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Texas + Magento = Creatuity

Texas + Magento = Creatuity

Creatuity has strong ties to both the Texas and Magento communities and are proud of it! Joshua Warren, CEO of Creatuity, is a born and raised Texan who has spent a great portion of his life working on the eCommerce platform, Magento.

His adoration for these two communities is what sparked his idea to start a Magento ecommerce agency in Dallas. However, he was told that in order for Creatuity to be successful, it would have to be headquartered in a more technology driven area like California or New York. Fortunately, Joshua went against the grain and decided to follow his heart to his home state and that is how Creatuity came to be based in Richardson, TX (just north of Dallas).


The company has been growing and Creatuity is currently made up of a skilled team of Magento certified developers and solutions specialists who have been working on Magento for over 7 years. The company as a whole is heavily involved in the Magento Community and is one of the lead eCommerce development firms in the Dallas area. And as this city has been starting to emerge as a hub for fashion and eCommerce, the choice to be headquartered in DFW is proving to be the right one.

We absolutely love working with businesses all over the world, but especially those within our neighborhood. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re looking for Texas Magento Developers or a Magento ecommerce agency – whether you’re next door to us in Richardson, across the way in Fort Worth, or anywhere in between!