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Our Time at Meet Magento New York

Our Time at Meet Magento New York 1

Our Time at Meet Magento New York

Meet Magento New York 2014 is the first time the event has ever come stateside, which was reason enough to get all those involved in the platform very, very excited. The mega-event is all about Magento, and encourages networking, the sharing of practices within the platform, idea generation and creation, and much more. Of course, Creatuity could not miss the opportunity to attend the event.

Starting on Monday, September 22 and running through Tuesday, Creatuity landed in New York and geared up for Meet Magento. Joshua Warren, Creatuity’s CEO, Jenna Warren, the Executive Vice-President, and Alex Christensen, the Senior Account Manager, all attended the pre-party and had a blast socializing and networking with other Magento enthusiasts. The first day of the convention was spent attending speeches about widgets, extensions, programming, business strategies and everything in between. Josh and Jenna both gave their own presentations during the second day, with Jenna explaining conversion rates over the upcoming holiday season and Josh showing the power of site testing.

Overall, Meet Magento New York was a major success for Creatuity and everyone involved in Magento. Creatuity was able to not only show its value and might in the industry, as our representatives were able to meet new clients, shake hands with Magento power-houses, socialize with collaborators, and network with other agencies and representatives. The next Meet Magento event cannot come soon enough!