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What are the Top eCommerce Platforms?

It’s often mentioned that Magento is the largest, fastest growing eCommerce platform on the Internet, and several competing platforms have announced that they have 10,000 or even 100,000 sites using their system. As the owner of an eCommerce agency, I keep a constant eye out for shifts in the market and the overall feeling I’ve had for the past year has been that Magento continues to be the most used, fastest growing eCommerce platform. Several months ago, I decided that feelings weren’t sufficient and that I wanted hard evidence of not only the largest, fastest growing eCommerce platforms but which up-and-coming platforms were growing the most.

So, with inspiration from Tom Robertshaw’s eCommerce survey, I started working with our team to build a tool to survey for the top eCommerce platforms in use today on the web, and today I’m excited to be able to announce the results.

We scanned approximately 1.7 million websites for over 55 different eCommerce platforms, and some of the results were fairly surprising. First, a quick graphical summary of the results:

Top ECommerce Platforms


Our results confirmed what similar studies have shown – Magento is the largest, most used eCommerce platform in the world, by a fair margin. However, other studies haven’t broken the results down specifically to paid and free platforms. We broke the results down in this manner because the market for sites that will use a free eCommerce platform is much, much larger than the sites that will purchase a paid eCommerce platform. The free platforms also often see their statistics inflated by demo sites, sites that were installed and then forgotten about or abandoned, etc.

Among paid platforms, Magento still holds the largest share of the market, with 22% of sites that are paying for an eCommerce platform selecting Magento Enterprise. The 2nd closest competitor is Shopify, followed by IBM Websphere and then Volusion. These results are interesting because the price difference between Magento Enterprise and Shopify or Volusion – the least expensive Shopify or Volusion plan costs only 2% of what Magento Enterprise costs, and yet more people are selecting Magento Enterprise than those platforms.

Magento Enterprise Leads All Other Paid Platforms

Stay tuned for more results – we plan to update our data monthly and publish the results at least once per quarter. I’ve posted a writeup of our methodology and some of my thoughts on ecommerce platform surveys on my personal blog as well, if you’re interested in learning more about how we conducted our survey. The graphics containing our survey results are released under the under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License – feel free to use the graphics as long as you attribute them to Creatuity, preferably with a link to this article.

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