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There is Nothing Better than Participating in a Toy Drive!

There is Nothing Better than Participating in a Toy Drive! 1

There is Nothing Better than Participating in a Toy Drive!

Tis’ the season to give back! Since it’s the holidays, the best way to celebrate is to give back to the community. We at Creatuity are proud to say that we participated in a local toy drive this holiday season for the children at Dobie Primary Elementary School in Richardson, Texas. This school has over 700 students in either pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, or the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities and they range from 3 to 6 years old. Unfortunately, many of these children’s families don’t have the means to provide Christmas gifts for their children – one of the ways that they are going to have presents this year is through the school, and we’ve donated to the Dobie Toy Drive this Christmas. photo 1

Dobie Primary Elementary School is the only school in the Richardson School District that provides every child at the school at least one toy and book for the holidays. We  brought in a lot of gifts in order to help out this cause because this program is only successful if there are enough gifts to go around for the children. We really wanted this to be a successful holiday season for these children and it makes us here at Creatuity very happy to be part of such a good cause. We supplied the children with educational games and childhood favorites such as puzzles, card games, musical instruments, Hot Wheels and many more other fun toys. The toys were picked up last week, so that gives the school plenty of time to gather gifts for the children to have something to open on Christmas Day.

We couldn’t wait to kick off this holiday season with a little gift giving and generosity! We hope everyone has a fun-filled holiday season, and be sure to also take the opportunity to give back to your local community! If you are also interested in participating in the toy drive as well, please contact the Dobie Primary Elementary School at (469)593-4100. Happy Holidays!