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What are Pinterest Buyable Pins?

What are Pinterest Buyable Pins?

If you’re an avid Pinterest user like myself, you have probably noticed within the last few months that some Pins popping up on your feed have a blue “Buy It” button next to the typical red “Pin It” button. And if you are even more like me, you’ve probably never clicked on one of these buttons without fear of purchasing a product before you were ready to. What if pressing that button automatically charged my credit card and my husband noticed I spent $346 on a jacket “by accident” when all I wanted to do was see more details? These were my immediate concerns: not knowing what happens next, or how it works. “What are the shipping costs? How do I pick my size?” were running through my brain.

But have no fear! We will take you through the process of buying from Pinterest via Buyable Pins and let you know what you can expect moving forward!

Background on Buyable Pins

To give you a bit of a background, back in June, Pinterest announced that they would begin implementing Buyable Pins. This feature makes it easy for users to make a purchase in seconds, whereas purchasing from “normal” Pins can take anywhere from a minute to twenty. Buyable Pins are only available on the app when accessed by an iPhone or iPad; the idea behind that is if you’re shopping on a desktop, it’s probably easier to go ahead and purchase through your web browser.

Buyable Pins were first introduced to commerce platforms Shopify and Demandware and both have seen great results from it so far. A study of Buyable Pins from Shopify merchants showed 2x higher conversion rates compared to other Pins on mobile. Big brands like Bloomingdale’s, Wayfair and DVF plan on integrating the extension and joining the Pinterest Buyable Pins club.

Since rolling out Buyable Pins, there is now more than 60 million Buyable Pins and are supported by 5 different platforms – Bigcommerce, Demandware, IBM Commerce, Shopify and Magento. Pinterest has also been recognized as a new (eCommerce) force to be reckoned with. There have been speculations that Pinterest will be moving towards becoming more of an eCommerce platform rather than just a discovery platform.

How Normal (Non-Buyable) Pins Work

I want to walk you through the process of purchasing products via ‘normal’ Pins on Pinterest. Since I’m a fashion enthusiast, let’s go through the steps through those eyes.

The way typical Pins and buying on Pinterest works is as follows: you are scrolling through the app and you find a scarf you’re in love with, maybe you can see how much it is, maybe you can’t (praise for Rich Pins!). You click the picture of the scarf you need to have, leave the Pinterest app and go to the company’s website the scarf is being sold on and hope that it’s the product page of the coveted scarf. If so, you purchase through the company’s website that way. Depending on the Pin, the company website, and where the Pin actually links to, purchasing this scarf can be done in a few minutes or end in an aggravating series of events where you’re never able to actually find  and purchase this amazing scarf.

It has happened to me plenty of times; You find (what looks like) an amazing gold vase that would complete the decor vision in your living room and then the Pin links to a website that has nothing to do with said vase. Or maybe it links to something completely different and you can never find this perfect golden vase! These heartbreaking moments can be due to someone uploading the Pin as a spam tactic, the person who uploaded the Pin did not link to the website they found the product on, or it could be a number of different reasons. Nonetheless, not being able to purchase what you’re pining over is not a happy time.

Taylor Swift singing about sadness.

How Buyable Pins Work

Buyable Pins work somewhat similarly to the normal Pins except it cuts the process time down and you never leave the Pinterest app. With Buyable Pins, you will be able to scroll left or right to see all of the product views and this will also show the price of the product. When you click the blue “Buy It” button, you will either be brought to a screen to choose your size, or if it a one-size-fits-all type product like a mug, you will go immediately to the checkout page. On this page you will enter your address and credit card or Apple Pay information, click the confirm button and then be done. You only need to enter 2 fields! How incredibly simple is that? And after you’ve gone through this process once, Pinterest will autofill this information next time. Don’t worry, it’s a safe and secure process!

But talk about trouble; am I right, shopaholics? I’m going to have to double check that I exit the Pinterest app before bed so I don’t accidentally sleep Pin Buy – which often happens. Can anyone else sympathize with me on this one?
The Process of Purchasing a Product Via Buyable Pins on Pinterest

How Buyable Pins Benefit Merchants & Users

As you can see, Pinterest Buyable Pins have advantages for both merchants and users. They make it incredibly easy for users to checkout, and even easier to checkout after they have gone through the process just once. Since the user never leaves the app, this negates the time and distractions that may occur if they had to be forwarded to a company website, which benefits the merchant because less distractions = high conversion rate. Another reason Pinterest Buyable Pins are valuable for merchants is because there are no subscription or transaction fees. Pinterest will not take any cut from the sales as Buyable Pins is currently free of charge to merchants. Right now, merchants only pay for the extension and keep 100% of sales! One of our previous posts goes more in depth into the extension and how this works.

If you’re a Magento merchant and interested in the Buyable Pins extension, you can find out more about it and apply for the program here. If you have any questions or concerns about the Pinterest Buyable Pins extension, please email us at pinterestbp@creatuity.com or reach out to us on Twitter at @Creatuity.