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Before Starting

Defining scope of the initial project

What do you really need?

The first step, and perhaps the most important one, is to clearly map out your business requirements. It is not important to know “how” yet - you should focus on what the business needs to be successful.  Here’s an example of well identified business requirement:

  • The product detail page clearly shows available delivery options, including Ship-to-Home, Ship-to-Store, and In-Store-Pick-Up, where applicable. This product and delivery information is located in our ERP, and is updated every 15 minutes.

Using this information, an architect can design a solution that meets your exact requirements. You do not need to know what the solution is yet.

You should separate this into “must-have” and “nice-to-have” needs. For example, if you sell subscriptions currently and plan to continue to do so, you “must-have” subscriptions on your new site. If you are considering adding subscriptions as a new product line in the future, this would be a “nice-to-have”. Later when you are choosing between platforms and/or prioritizing items for your budget this distinction will be extremely important.

Next you’ll need to get all key stakeholders in alignment. What does success look like? How will we measure it and at what intervals? Stakeholders will cross departments such as marketing and fulfillment and should include your executive team. There may be some disagreements on priorities. Identifying and working through them now is much better than having to deal with them later in the project.


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About Authors

Jenna Warren

VP of Special Projects, Creatuity

An Adobe Certified Magento Commerce Business Practitioner, consulting with retailers about omnichannel best practices. With over ten years of Magento experience, she has contributed to the Magento certification exam and was a founding task force member of the Magento Association.

David Deppner

CEO / Founder, Psyberware

Launched Psyberware in 1994. As a lifelong developer with over 25 years in executive management, he can dive into everything from the technical details up through high-level strategy. He spent nearly a decade at a mid-sized Magento merchant and, in his role as the VP of IT & Ecommerce, was responsible for a multi-million-dollar digital marketing and ecommerce operation.

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