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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Migrate to Magento 2

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Migrate to Magento 2 1

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Migrate to Magento 2

M1 End-of-Life

With Magento 1’s end of life fast approaching, it is vital that merchants are hasty when migrating their site to Magento 2 for a plethora of reasons. Prolonging the migration means that e-commerce sites still stuck on Magento 1 will no longer receive support from Magento, which can potentially lead to security breaches and PCI compliance issues (that can result in hefty fines), not to mention an outdated platform that is considerably inferior. The new platform allows for a better shopping experience for consumers, accelerated conversion rates, superior administrator capabilities, and higher performance in speed, security, and scalability.

The Magento Admin Panel

The Magento 2 admin interface has a modern infrastructure that is easy to navigate, which allows for easier store management and organization. The admin panel can now be fully customized for every user, in order to increase production time for project managers, system administrators, and developers. Website customization is also easier with new capabilities such as the drag-and-drop Page Builder functionality and the revolutionary Progressive Web Applications Studio. Combined, these two new innovations deliver a superior shopping experience for customers, which leads to increased conversion rates and a fast-track sales growth.

Boost Your Store’s Performance

Not only is Magneto 2 much easier to manage than Magento 1 due to the new innovations provided by Magento, but it also has superior performance capabilities. The new upgrade boosts loading speeds by 50 percent compared to its predecessor. Magento 2 eliminates slow performance and cuts the average loading time to a brisk 2 seconds. Another major improvement is Magento’s scalability, which enables it to take on heavy duty tasks. Magento 2 is now capable of handling 117 percent more orders and has the capability to secure 2.1 million more page views compared to Magento 1. This improvement is due to the help of superior coding techniques and enhanced design, such as the use of Varnish cache, an HTTP accelerator technology that simplifies cache requests, creating a more proficient experience for admins and a faster web page load time for consumers. Magento 2 is also extremely integration-friendly, allowing for merchants to incorporate plug-ins and extensions to make the shopping experience quick and easy for their customers. Checkout can be streamlined with PayPal and Braintree extensions that allow for quicker sales and can enable instant purchase options, potentially eliminating up to 90 percent of the time that it typically takes for a consumer to complete a purchase.

Increased Security For Your Site

Another noteworthy area of superiority is the high-level of security in Magento 2. Magento 2 offers foolproof security with uncompromised transaction and payment procedures. Magento 2 security features can help merchants optimize store performance according to their preferences, without the threat of falling victim to spam attacks, malware, or hacking. Magento 1 sites, however, will likely experience security breaches due to Magento’s withdrawal of support for the outdated site, beginning in June 2020.

100% Fee-free Financing From PayPal and Braintree

PayPal and Braintree have partnered with Magento by offering a financing plan to merchants migrating their sites from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Those who apply and are approved for a loan have the opportunity to receive loan financing from $5,000 to $500,000 to fund your migration. Merchants can receive funds as soon as the next business day, with no hidden charges, no early repayment fees, and full loan fee credit.

Creatuity is a Leader in Magento E-commerce Development

At Creatuity, we have a successful track record of Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations. We’ve done migrations both big and small, from companies with revenue from less than one million to companies with revenue in the hundreds of millions. Our most notable migrations were with clients Clearbags and Rural King; in 2018 we won the award for “Best-in-Class Fulfillment” for our work on the Rural King site, and in 2019 we were nominated for the “B2B Growth” award for our work with Clearbags.

Our team, which houses on of the largest teams of Magento 2 Certified Professionals of any Magento Enterprise solutions partner, is well equipped to tackle your migration needs, offering a wealth of knowledge, resources, and experience. When migrating your site, we can smoothly move almost any data – customers, orders, products, and emails, for example. However, Magento does not allow for extensions and customizations to be migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2. While this is a setback, we can help clients decide what extensions they still need, and what extensions they can part ways with due to Magento 2’s breadth and depth of native capabilities. Our elite team has created a wide array of in-house tools to help with migration in order to keep the process fast and low-cost.

Not on Magento 1, but interested in Magento 2? No worries — we can replatform any site to Magento 2. Our replatforming project with Rebel Athletic, a site that was originally on WordPress, was a huge success, and highly praised in the Magento ecosystem. It featured a multi-store infrastructure that hosted five stores on one site, combining the Rebel Athletic brand into one instance.

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Ready to make the move? Email us at contact@creatuity to discuss your future migration to Magento 2.