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Working at Creatuity

Working at Creatuity 1

Working at Creatuity

Hi, I am Thi Le, Marketing intern at Creatuity Corp. My responsibilities include developing
marketing strategy and managing social media accounts for Creatuity Corp. I have been
at Creatuity Corp. for about a month and what can I say? Awesomeness! Let’s break its
“awesomeness” down, so you will know why.

Internships have carried negative connotations, such as coffee making, paperwork
processing, or even free work. Nope, not at Creatuity. We have an automatic coffee
maker, so no interns have to make coffee for the whole office. Just kidding. Even though
I am still an intern, I get to do real work. Yep, real work in the real world. During my first
week, Jenna, the executive VP, told me to prepare my marketing materials and present
to her. Just like that, I am expected to be a resourceful self-starter. I do the work on my
own, and then my supervisors will give their feedbacks. The way it works is everyone is
given a space to grow and be creative. The traditional vertical hierarchy is not favored
here at Creatuity. We are a whole unity and the decentralization gives everyone an
opportunity to express themselves equally. New ideas are encouraged. Remember
when we were young and we used to draw on the wall, but our parents took our chalks
or crayons away. Now I am given back my crayons (aka childhood creativity) and I am
“pouring” all my ideas on the IdeaPaint whiteboard walls in each office room at
Creatuity. And they can be erased! How awesome is that?! Also, we have two offices,
one in Dallas and one in Poznan, Poland. We communicate with our Poznan coworkers
through email, Hipchat, and Socialcast. The cultural diversity allows us to open
ourselves and learn more.

Yes, the work is serious, but the fun cannot be left out. Josh, our President, said, “You
spend most of your day at work. We want to make sure that you’re happy when you’re
here.” And yes, I have always looked forward to coming to work since I started. “It’s just
work. What makes you so happy to go to work?” Right, it’s just work (and I’m doing what I love),
but it’s also the people you are working with and the environment you are in.
Creatuity Corp. has a strong set of core values and every hiring decision is based on
these values. It feels like a family here because everyone gets along very well. I love my
coworkers. It is a dynamic synergy where everyone works in harmony toward the
company’s goals. We do a lot of activities together, so we can get to know each other
outside of the work place. We have an activity called “Awesome Friday” where everyone
gets together to have lunch and talk about anything. Moreover, the new office has a
“Relaxation Room” where we can do yoga, play Xbox, or just crash down for a power
nap. Oh, and each of us has a Nerf gun! It. is. just. pure. awesomeness!

All I can say is it does not feel like work when I get to do what I love and love where I
work. I know I love it here when I keep “bragging” to my friends about how great my
company is. Creatuity has been an amazing experience for me, and I am excited to be a
part of the team.