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Timeframe & Cost to Build a Magento Store

Timeframe & Cost to Build a Magento Store 1

Timeframe & Cost to Build a Magento Store

Two questions that are asked constantly by merchants who want to start an eCommerce site on Magento is 1) how long does it take and 2) how much does it cost? Of course there will be varying answers to this, but a lot of it depends on what exactly you are wanting. Let’s take a look at some timeline and cost estimates:

How Long Does it Take to Launch a Magento Website?

This is a pretty loaded question and honestly, it’s hard for anyone to make an incredibly accurate estimate. Every project is unique, and every client and developer works differently. Based on our experience, a new Magento website can take anywhere from 20 to 900 hours of development work. Yes, that is a huge range so knowing exactly what you want will be instrumental in this process.


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Magento Store?

Again, this is another loaded question and dependent on a few factors. If you are interested in launching a generic, straight out of the box Magento site, you could end up spending around $1,000 or less. This works for merchants who are solely just wanting to sell items online; they’re not interested so much in the design and special functionalities. However, this usually isn’t the case for most companies and the price just goes up from there. New builds can range at about $5,000 and a custom built theme along with intricate functionality can reach $80,000 and up.

If you know exactly how you’d like your new Magento store to work and look, that will shave some time and cost off your project. To help you out, here are a few questions to ask yourself before starting on your path into the eCommerce world:

  1. Do you want a custom theme, or would you like to purchase one from a site like Theme Forest to implement?
  2. Are you planning on using the extensive features built into Magento, or do you want custom feature and functionality developed for you?
  3. Do you have a precise plan for exactly how you’d like your site to look and operate?

I know these questions and amount of hours sound daunting at first, but if you know exactly what you want and don’t stray from those plans, then the process will be much smoother. When you are ready to launch a Magento store, Creatuity would be more than happy to help you execute your business plan and build you a brand new eCommerce website.

How to Easily Launch a Magento Store

LaunchpadLogoWe currently have an amazing solution for merchants wanting to start an eCommerce store called Launchpad. With it, you’ll receive a lot of the most beneficial features like built in SEO, responsive design, email marketing extensions, and easy payment and shipping setups. It’s a fully functioning Magento store and can be live in just 2 business days. Then you, Creatuity, or another development agency can make any customizations and tweaks after the site is live; it is yours to do with what you want!

If you aren’t sure if Launchpad is the right solution for you or if you’d like a better idea of what a fully custom site might cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Providing us with the answers to the questions above, we will be able to give you a quick idea of what it would cost and how long it might take. We would love to talk with you and help you with your eCommerce venture!

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